Social Worker In Tamilnadu

Dr. Radhakrishnan, an esteemed social worker in Tamilnadu performed various social activities to uplift the lifestyle of disabled persons by running a charitable United Orphanage. A place with enchanting caretakers and staff always working with the contentment of love. The people around United Orphanage always welcome the homeless and needy people with warmth and a smile on their faces. There were no hesitations, rough behaviours towards the helpless people. They are discharging their work with a completely altruistic nature for the welfare of the people.

It’s hard to see a social worker with benevolence and kindness in this sarcastic world. Accomplishing social activities like the adoption of remote villages, conducting awareness camps, helping the shelterless people are not just social works, they are works that rehab and bloom the world of several people who dream for their life. Dr. Radhakrishnan, a social worker in Tamilnadu profoundly performed these activities since 1995. His soft-hearted and caring behaviour with phenomenal thoughts has showered people’s blessings and love in the form of awards and recognitions.

Remarkable Awards and Recognitions

Dr. Radhakrishnan was recognized by several states, central government, NGO organizations, and private social work clubs for his excellence in the field of social work. The list of awards are as follows

  • Received honourable ‘Anna Award’ from Mr. Alexander, the governor of Tamilnadu in 1989.
  • Dr. Radhakrishnan is felicitated with a certificate of appreciation for his social works from the Tamilnadu welfare department.
  • Received Award for Social Service from the honorable former chief minister of Tamilnadu Dr. J Jayalalitha
  • The Office of the state commissioner for the disabled has presented the ‘Best Social Worker’ in Tamilnadu Award in the year 2003.
  • In 2012, United Orphanage received the ‘Best Organization Award’ from the Tamilnadu government for the welfare of differently-abled persons.
  • Honoured with Sevai Chemmal Award from the legendary orator Thavathiru. Kundrakudi Adigalar
  • Received Outstanding Personality Award from Management Studies Promotion Institute, New Delhi.

Dr. Radhakrishnan, besides being an excellent social worker in Tamilnadu, on another dimension he is well known as a teacher and eminent writer in Tamilnadu. As an emphasis on literary works, he has published 102 books. He also extends his career line as a freelance journalist for leading magazines like Kalkandu, Kalki, Amutha Surabi, Bhagya and Thangam Weekly. In addition to these, he is a regional reporter Malaysia Nanban Tamil Daily published from Malaysia with accreditation from the Government of Tamilnadu. Also an active member in Press Club Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Working Journalists Association and South Indian Film Artists Association.

The exhaustive work of trust includes sanitation and health care, organic farming, road safety advocacy, workshops, seminars, women empowerment, outreach programmes, awareness expos, elders home, community home, rural development, vocational rehabilitation, food aid programmes, health camps, tree plantation, tailoring training, doll making training etc.,

Welfare programmes established by United Orphanage

Child education

An investment in knowledge pays back tenfold. Child education is a must and essential factor in today’s world. As a social worker in Tamilnadu, he started a child education programme for unprivileged children and children who are suffering from poverty. Students of standards 1 to 9 can use this opportunity to build their educational background. This programme also nurtures life skill activities like visiting the bank, post office, panchayat office. Mobile education project was also started under this programme in 2014.

Rural development programme

Dr. Radhakrishnan, an eminent social worker in Tamilnadu focussed and contributed more towards the rural development programme. Although India is a developing country, still rural areas are lagging without basic facilities for livelihood. Rural libraries, Basic computer literacy classes for rural students, free counselling services for rural children and parents, the practice of organic farming, awareness of rural health and hygiene are highlights of this programme. Several rural people became familiar with unknown factors through these programmes.

Health and hygiene

This programme enhances the wellness of people by preventing them from attacking diseases. As a recent activity, vaccination camps are conducted for the in-house orphanage people for the covid pandemic. Awareness programmes on physical health, sanitation and hygiene are conducted for school and college students to acquire more understanding about their health. Rural village awareness programmes are conducted by Dr. Radhakrishnan the social worker in Tamilnadu to teach rural people to maintain their hygiene and health.

Women empowerment

Empowering women is a step towards a progressive future. The thoughts and ideas shared towards women during these camps changed their thinking towards the customary beliefs and practices done in the society. These camps motivate women to raise and fly with their wings as the phoenix. The orphanage celebrates women’s day every year and shows them women documentary films. As a prominent social worker in Tamilnadu, Dr. Radhakrishnan encourages women to live independently.

Tailoring training

Women learning fine motor skills like sewing, arts and craft making, basket weaving etc., are always an additional benefit. A self-employed woman will be more confident and bold in facing society. The tailoring program by United Orphanage was started back in 2011. Nearly 467 women and girls benefited from the learning under this programme. This programme raises several financially independent women in society.

Environmental protection programmes

Protecting our living environment is a needful activity to be done by all responsible citizens of the country. Dr. Radhakrishnan, a social worker in Tamilnadu never fails to perform his duties to safeguard the environment. He organizes several programmes for rainwater harvesting, tree plantation programmes, awareness camps on global warming conditions for school students etc., Doing for the environment doesn’t take much time, so people just step forward to contribute a little to save your environment.

When looking back on the works done by Dr. Radhakrishnan, it’s all beyond the sky. It is admiring to see a social worker in Tamilnadu consistently working for the betterment of society. His perseverance, politeness and kindness have made a forever place in people’s hearts. Whomever the social worker it be, the achievements and accomplishments made by him are endless. The United Orphanage, the best NGO in Tamilnadu initiated by him should continue to help the needy and poor people.

Social Activities

  • Uplifting the living standards of the disabled
  • Adoption of remote villages for promoting literacy, medical – aid, birth - control etc.
  • Conducted cultural programmes on disablity irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
  • Arranged free medical camps in many villages of Tamil Nadu. Benefiting Physically Handicapped and Aged people.
  • Creating awareness among the people regarding Environment cleanliness, Pollution Control and the Importance of trees.
  • Awareness camps in Schools conducting Exhibitions on disabled welfare.
  • Given several Guest Lectures on Importance of disabled welfare